What is Listen UP!?
Listen UP! is an audio CD that dynamically presents important insurance concepts, concentrating on areas that have proven to be difficult for many students. The interactive conversational format entertains as well as educates.

Listen UP! as a student asks his instructor to clarify concepts so that he can pass his test on the first try!

Life and Health Tracks List:

1. Introduction
2. Principles of Insurance
3. Types of Life Insurance Policies
4. Annuities
5. Life Insurance Policy Provisions
6. Taxation of Life Insurance
7. Types of Health Insurance Policies
8. Health Insurance Provisions
9. Other Health Insurance Concepts

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Property and Casualty Tracks List:
1. Introduction
2. Insurance Basics
3. Dwelling Policy
4. Homeowners Policy
5. Auto Insurance
6. Business Policy
7. Commercial Package Policy
8. Workers Compensation
9. Other Coverages

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